2018 Kentucky Derby Random Top 10 Generator

Back by popular demand….

2017 Kentucky Derby Random Top 10 Generator

Because it’s one of those Kentucky Derby years…

Racing is better with more data – a real world example

Two approaches to a similar question illustrate the difference that easily accessible data could make for all of us.

Discussion of Racing Data: 2016 Edition

What does the 2016 edition of “Let’s discuss racing data” have to offer? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Things I’ll Miss

It won’t be long before Saratoga will come to a close. Aside from the usual stuff like fuller fields, more challenging handicapping and more “big day” cards, this year presented a new thing to miss when it’s gone.

Go for the Geeks Redux

A conversation on Twitter reminded me of a post that I’ve been meaning to republish here for quite some time. Although it’s too bad the subject is still pertinent!

Young and Talented

Young and Talented

While enjoying my customary weekend afternoon of not cashing tickets at Saratoga, I noticed something interesting in my timeline.



It was a spectacular performance by Honor Code and Liam’s Map, and fans of Tonalist should be relieved that he had the fastest final 1/8th.

Sign of things to come?

Sign of things to come?

Walking up to the Nelson Avenue entrance is one of my favorite parts of going to Saratoga. It’s a grand entrance that announces “you are now entering a kick ass track”. Every year I like to take some pictures of the jockeys for the prior year’s winning stakes races that circle fountain. Here are this year’s pictures taken last Friday……

Fingerz Crossed

Mr. Z, that lovable, hard-knocking, tail-eating weirdo with a penchant for bolting, might be making a great move.