If you were wanting to know the date of the Haskell, like I was earlier in the week, you’d have no luck finding it on the Haskell page of Monmouth’s site.

California’s new whipping rules are finally in effect.

Especially if it’s accountability.

Let’s hop in the internet wayback machine for a moment…


Enjoy the show…

Who's Ready for Mobilegeddon?

Google’s search algorithm is going to change soon, find out which industry publishers are prepared, and which are not.

Santa Anita is instituting a new house rule on whipping but claims they don’t have a problem. Is that true? We investigate (look at a few replays… )

Let’s review how women are portrayed in the current national promotion for Thoroughbred horse racing on television.

When asking a question on Twitter leaves a bitter taste.

If you’re a fan and supporter of female jockeys (and female filmmakers!) you will be interested to know that there’s a great looking documentary film that you can help make happen.